A plot synopsis revisited.

I am preparing to send out another slew of query letters. Having spent some time away from all things concerning The Dreamers’ Atlas, I’ve come to the task with a fresh look at things. As a result, I have rewritten the plot synopsis. I think it’s quite a bit more powerful and intriguing. What do you think?

Let me speak to you from years of personal experience, spending sixteen years in a wheelchair will result in loneliness, bitterness, and thoughts of suicide – the only early escape from a terminal disease. Life as a teenager is cruel enough, but you’re going to feel like God himself is playing the joke. Worst of all, you’re going to fall in love with someone who only sees your wheelchair. For most, a life like this only exists in nightmares. For sixteen-year old Danny Birkwood, it’s reality.

Danny has all but given up on life when an intruder breaks in through his window in the middle of the night. Of course he’s helpless to do anything, that’s par for the course. What’s worse is that he doesn’t care. As it turns out, this burglar is no burglar at all. He’s just a boy, running from a life just like Danny’s, fraught with pain, sorrow, and loneliness. Flight, time travel, notoriety, what this stranger offers is impossible. But he’s come to the right place; here is an individual desperate enough to believe it all.

What follows is a heartwarming adventure, through the skies, across the barriers of time, and even into his dreams. What once consumed his every thought, the life threatening disease that will one day claim his life, is now the last thing on Danny’s mind. He’s lost, and his only hope of finding his way home is in the pages of a strange atlas. But there’s more to this guide than maps and information; The Dreamers’ Atlas has been banned for its teachings concerning a strange magic powered by emotion, a magic that threatens to challenge the dominion of a fascist ruler.

In the company of a bookworm, a slave boy, and a young woman from thirty years in the past, Danny must decipher the atlas and find a way home. But the more he learns the more powerful and valuable he becomes. Pirates seek to ransom him, soldiers are commanded to capture him, and nightmares come alive to take his life.

Danny is determined to find a way home. Yet in this journey, he’ll discover more than he anticipates: friendship, love, sacrifice, loyalty, and a capacity to hope and dream in the face of impossible odds.

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