Words to love and hate by.

Short post today, so please participate!

I’m going to guess that everyone has a list of words they loath and love to hear. I can think of a lot of words that I love. Here are a few that immediately come to mind:

  • vittles
  • skip
  • Worcestershire
  • supose

As far as words I hate, here are a few of those:

  • warsh (the improper enunciation of wash)
  • ambiance
  • biscotti
  • lolz

How about you?

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  1. Words I love-
    clasps (say it. It’s slightly difficult yet so fun to roll of the tongue)

    Words I hate
    sure (I use it plenty often but I hate when I get it as a response, because it’s too ambiguous)
    Patriartical ( I don’t even know how to spell this version because it’s NOT a freaking Word! It’s a patriarchal blessing!
    the “F” word ( seriously, there are so many more effective words that don’t sound so trashy)

  2. Ha! I love this. Words are so awesome.

    My favs:

    My hates:

    I can’t decide:

    Oh my, I must be hungry.

  3. Great words people! Marie, I’m going to say that Mascarpone is on the love list. Morgan, I knew I forgot something. I HATE the “F” word. It is such a waste of space and air. *

    *If I’ve offended anybody I’m sorry.

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