If there ain’t something swinging this here February…

I’ve been struggling with a decision for about a year now, whether or not to pursue an MFA in writing. I’ve been freelancing as a graphic artist and copywriter for a year. It’s been an up and down ride. There’s a lot that I enjoy about it and a lot that I could live without. I’ve made a few attempts to join the regular work force recently, but things aren’t happening.

In reality it’s not about whether or not I want an MFA in writing, I do. The question is, is it a worthy use of time at my age? Will it make me a better writer, or open any doors? I’d like to think so. My desire to become a published author is consuming. It’s a passion I feel like none other. I cannot run from it or ignore it. But do I continue to write as I do, on the side while working a ‘real’ job? Or, do I jump in head first and give myself completely to the craft? I love the idea of teaching while I pursue this dream, but I know it’s likely to be a meager living.

This is an inner struggle that I deal with daily. It’s time to make a decision so I think I’ll paraphrase Sinatra: If there ain’t something swinging this here February, I’m going to enroll in an MFA program.

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