If zombies were real…

This is not a good picture. Last night I drove out to my sister’s house, she lives in Greenwood Nebraska. It was so dark and foggy on the drive home that I could barely see the road in front of me. Somewhere along this two lane highway there’s a stop sign, stabbed into the ground across from some kind of bar or quick-shop. I snapped a quick photo of the place when I stopped.

It was a small and run down wooden affair, hunkering under the weight of a heavy fog.  The lights were on inside, but there were no cars in the parking lot. I would not have been surprised to see a fist full of zombies come lumbering from behind that building. They would have been the slow moving kind, the kind that drag clubbed feet and stare with one lazy eye, that dress like police officers and lumberjacks, or the elderly lady you almost ran over at the grocery store. They would have closed in on me while I remained frozen in terror behind the wheel. And then they would have eaten my brains.

Moments like these creep me out, but they’re worth it because they give me the itch to write.

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