Where do ideas come from?

There are so many places an author or artist might get his or her ideas from. I know of some who get theirs from watching people, others who get them on road trips, and some while taking long walks. My ideas come through one of two small windows during my sleep cycle. The first window opens just before I go completely out, when the dreams start to creep in on my subconscious. The second window opens during a similar time, in the morning between deep sleep and fully awake.

I’ve been wrestling with a few ideas for my next novel. My wife keeps telling me to get on with the sequel to The Dreamers’ Atlas, but I don’t know that I’m quite ready to tackle that one yet. I wrote Atlas in a fevered frenzy over three months. It was a tough book to write for many reasons; remind me to share them with you later.

I’ve been digging for that brilliant idea for some time now. If you’re going to write a 300+ page novel, you’ve got to have an idea that you cant’s sit still over. It’s got to make you so antsy that you can’t wait to tell it.  I birthed such an idea last night, during that first window I just told you about.

I can’t go into detail right now. New ideas are fragile things. If I reveal it too early it might die from overexposure to harsh elements like skepticism and criticism. For now, I’ll tell you that the idea is one part Sci-fi, two parts psychological horror, and three parts mystery. The working title is Two.

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