2010 Resolution: READ MORE BOOKS!

I tend to read in cycles. I go from voraciously reading as many as five books at a time, to taking a month to read a medium sized novel. I don’t like either extreme. I guess I’m just really moody. If a book can hold my attention from cover to cover and keep me from peeking into another, than it’s a REALLY good book. Stephen King does a good job at this, as does Cormac McCarthy, and Charles Dickens. Robert Jordan not so much…

Speaking of Robert Jordan and his Wheel of Time series, the latest book, The Gathering Storm, has been out for a bit now. Having slogged through all eleven of the previous books at least three times, and enjoying much of them, I find myself excited to read the latest. Only there is one problem, I can’t remember what they’re about. It’s hard to keep track of 7000-plus pages of plot. As a result, I’ve commited myself to re-reading each one before starting the latest. Perhaps I’m setting my resolutions a little high?

There are several other books on that list. McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men, Sherman Alexie’s War Dances, and the entire Harry Potter series, to name a few. I’d also like to discover some new authors. Perhaps you can help me in that regard.

What are your reading plans for the new year?

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  1. Perhaps I jinxed myself when I chose “Great Expectations” as my feel smart, “start the year off right” book and then LOST it! Do I buy it again, pay my late fees at the library or just reread something old? It’s turning into ‘Low Expectations.’

  2. Right now I’m reading the Harry Potter series. I love getting lost in that world! Another series that I love is the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull. The fifth book in that series comes out this March and so I’m looking forward to reading that!

  3. I know my resolution is to write more. Finally got the first script for oddities done. Just need to reformat it from screenplay (for spencers class) to comic. If you’re looking for good books, I’d definately say on the comic side, try out Ex Machina or Planetary. On the prose side read American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

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